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Couture Dress

How to choose the best gown?

       Choosing a couture gown is basically the same as choosing a wedding dress, you will need to match with the venue and the event’s theme. Most of the brides will wear 3 - 4 gowns during a wedding in order to match with different aspects of the wedding. For example, the bride will wear a white, beige or pale evening gown at the welcome session to take photos with guests. The formal wedding dress will be put on during the banquet entrance to surprise the guests.


    Among all evening gowns, the most important one is the welcome dress. This is the first impression to the guests and it will be taken the most photos during the wedding. Therefore, it is recommended to choose one with more details because most of the photos will be taken in a whole body view. We suggest to pick a wedding dress style but with a more petite cut, or with fishtail cut or small A-shaped style.


      Then the next dress will be a stage gown, it is recommended to choose something more sparkling with crystals or beads because it will become flashing under the spotlight. It is also very popular to wear a Qipao style gown nowadays. With the Chinese and Western-style mixture, it pairs perfectly with gifts from relatives and friends. If there is a dance session, the bride should pick a wide skirt or even a short skirt. At last, the gown to farewell all guests should be more simple, as the chance of taking photos is relatively small, do not be too exaggerated.


       Besides focusing on how the couture gown matching with your body shape, you may also want to pay attention to the color. Generally, brides won’t pick anything in black or navy blue. However, there is a saying: Somethingnew, somethingold, somethingborrow, somethingblue; all because of the color blue represent joyous in the Western wedding. Hong Kong people are influenced by both Chinese and Western cultures. However, picking blue in the evening gowns or not should be depending on the cultural backgrounds of themselves and their families. Of course, the most popular color is red, pink, and purple; but gold and lake blue are also considerable colors. Also, do not pick any color that is too similar to the background color, or the evening dress will be blended with the background in all photos.


       In addition, different fabrics can create different effects. Most of the evening dresses are using Satin, Chiffon, and Organza as the main fabrics. The characteristics of Satin is very thin and shiny, it can show your body shape thoroughly with vertical stripes cut. However, if there is a small belly or a big buttock, this may not be a suitable material. Chiffon is a very thin yarn, designers will use multi-fold cut to achieve elegant skirt effect, it’s suitable for daytime or outdoor wedding dress; Organza is a harder fabric, it can be used for making a fishtail shape for cool effects.

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