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Wedding Dress Hong Kong

French Elegance
French Elegance
Statement in Subtlety
Effortless simplicity
Statement in Subtlety
Embellished Serenity
Pastel Rose Tan
Burnished Lilac Mermaid Gown
Burnished Lilac Mermaid Gown

Located in Central, Cecilia Yau Weddings offers a range of wedding dresses in Hong Kong with unique design and high-quality craftsmanship. We make your Wedding Perfect!

8 Important Tips for tailor-made Wedding Dress

Marriage is an important lifetime event, and a dream wedding is the most important part of most of the brides. On such an important event in life, it’s normal that all brides want to present their most beautiful side. Therefore, having a custom-made wedding dress is definitely a good choice. What are the most important tips for a tailor-made wedding dress?


Tailor-made wedding dress is not just choosing what you like, but also choosing what fit you the most.

There are lots of available wedding dress styles, the bride must choose the most appropriate style based on their body shapes and sizes. Wedding dress styles included the following: A shape, Noble fit, Princess Line, petticoats, skirt dress. A wedding dress that can match the bride’s figure and temperament can show the most beautiful side of the bride at the wedding.


Before visiting the designer, it’s better to have a prior communication.

Couples are suggested to confirm a consultation date and time with the designer in advance, especially for tailor-made wedding dress services. As a professional designer, he/she will be in touch with the guests before the meeting, in order to have a basic understanding of the wedding couple on their preferences. With a simple consultation, the designer can also provide preliminary suggestions on new ideas, so that the wedding couple can have a basic understanding before the first visit.


Face-to-Face meeting are really important

After having a preliminary communication with the designer by email or phone, the wedding couple can meet with the designers in person. During the meeting, Designer can provide color, design or material according to the wedding couples’ preferences. Moreover, the designer will provide the bride with a simple testing version for fitting. The designer can also provide more suggestions according to the bride's body shape, and the bride can further discuss the design with the designer according to the fitting.


Allow enough time before the wedding

A Wedding is a major event in life, be sure to set aside enough time to prepare everything, including the wedding dress. Custom-made wedding dress usually takes longer time, from the initial consultation to many body adjustments, the time can be up to several months. Wedding Couples must set aside enough time, so even if there is any dissatisfaction, it won’t be too late to change.


The price should be clear and in details

Wedding dress making is not easy, it’s important to choose a reputable designer or studio. During the communication process, you should know more about price level. Ask more question if you don’t understand, and do not afraid of asking any question. A professional designer will provide customers with a clear and detail quotation. Wedding Couple should communicate with their designer clearly according to their wedding budget.


Clearly express your opinion

In the process of making a bridal gown, there will be about 4 to 5 fitting sessions, from the innermost Corset to the bottom, to the outside of the Draping cutting. In each fitting session, the bride can be honest about their feelings and opinions, so that designers can have the best understanding and follow up on the design.


The importance of fitting out

A custom-made wedding gown can take up to 6 months of time, designer recommends that the bride should have fitting-out during different stages. Because the bride's body shape may change, and usually one month before the wedding will have the most accurate body fit, and the designer will finish the final revision based on the bride's body at this stage.


Remember to practice body movements

The bride must try the wedding gown after it’s done. Besides paying attention to the fitting, the designer suggested the bride try out all required accessories in order to see the overall effect. In addition to this, the bride should also practice body movements during the wedding, for example, walking, knees down or any wedding required postures. If there is any uncomfortable feeling, it should be communicated immediately and modify.

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