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Shirt Concepts 個人襯恤訂製工作坊位於香港中環/上環。著名時裝設計師 Cecilia Yau 丘雪祺 帶領你從襯恤衫物料選擇,到領型,袖口,及衫形等選項,讓你為自己或所愛的人打造一件獨一無二的窩心禮物,盡顯個人風格。

Shirt Concepts by Cecilia Yau is a new Bespoke Shirts Brand. Looking for a suit tailor and making a bespoke shirt in Hong Kong with your own styles?



  • 專業度身訂造​​​

  • 超過100多各衣領和袖口款式選擇​,可創作出不同的對比。

  • 極富玩味的口袋設計

  • 過千種布料選擇

  • 一個專屬用家的招牌 (Label) 可繡用家指定文字。

  • 專業設計師指導


What makes us special?

  • Professional Tailormade Service

  • Collection of over 100's of collars & cuffs styles for creating multiple combinations.

  • Fun and Creative Pocket Design

  • Over 1000's of Fabrics Selection.

  • An Exclusive embroidered Label with any specify texts.

  • Professional Designer Advice








Shirt Concepts 為你預備了【個人白色襯恤衫訂製】禮劵,讓你可立即以優惠價錢,一試香港這項新的工作室!

個人定制白色襯恤組合 優惠 HK$800 (價值HK$999)

🔹 100%埃及棉
🔹 白色恤衫 配 定製紙樣 
🔹 自選領口及袖口設計
🔹 時尚禮盒 


Bespoke White Shirt Gift Certificate

A Special gift for your loved one.

Can't wait to start making your own shirt?

​Want to have a special gift for your staffs or colleague?

Or want to get the special person an exclusive gift? 


We understand your need.


No matter it's for yourself or for your loved one, Shirt Concepts offers Gift Certificate at a special price for you to try out!


Bespoke White Shirt Special Package: Special Price $800 (Original Price $999)

🔹 100% Egyptian Cotton
🔹 White Color Shirt with Tailormade Pattern
🔹 Select Your Collar & Cuffs Design
🔹 Luxury Packaging Box 

Shirt Concepts - Bespoke White Shirt Gift Certificate 個人白色襯恤訂製 ​禮劵

  • Not accept return or refund.

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